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The role of CTMR is to coordinate rather than provide resources. These are some resources that have been produced in the course of our work: 

Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Welcoming the Stranger: a guide 

Supporting English Language Learning: an addendum to the guide

Support for Asylum Seekers: SAS reports

A Faithful Presence

Professor Hilary Russell, former chair of CTMR Management Council, has written A Faithful Presence. This book shows how churches work together and illustrates a range of social action undertaken by churches locally and nationally – pastoral, advocacy, campaigning.
Hilary recently received recognition by CTMR Presidents for her outstanding contribution to Merseyside over more than 30 years and was among 36 people to have received recognition for outstanding contributions to the Church and wider society, in the Archbishop’s 2021 Lambeth Awards.

Luther 500

The commemoration of Reformation 1517 was marked by the “European Reformation Roadmap.”  Liverpool was one of three English cities to welcome a multimedia truck which was touring 67 other cities in 19 European countries. 

CTMR Church Leaders fully endorsed the statement of the CTE Presidents regarding the commemoration of Luther 500 in England. Merseyside Church Leaders offered a common witness to Churches in Merseyside by each reflecting on one of The 5 R's: Rejoicing, Remembering, Reforming, Repenting, Reconciling.