Looking Back & Ahead

"I look forward to coming together, it is refreshing!" This could sum up the general impression of participants who have grown as a group and are always ready to welcome new people. The group wish to be welcoming and are also happy to see people come and go.
They really enjoy the shared leadership and have learned so much from each other. "I was in my denominational bubble, coming to the group opened my eyes, it was great to talk to other Christians and it’s amazing how all of us follow Jesus in a different way."
At their recent review sessions they looked for answers to the following questions:

How did you become part of the group?
"My Church Leader contacted me", "Mine made me come", "I found an invitation to this meeting in the papers" "My university chaplain said to me: You must go to see what's going on! I didn't really want to come but now  I do not want to leave…

About the group:
 The group feels like a safe place and enjoy the visits to places of worship of various denominations before restrictions: the Salvation Army, the Catholic Church and the Bread Church, a Methodist Church in Liverpool City Centre. It was great to learn of each other's faith,

The group feel that they have grown as a group and also been privileged to welcome someone new and welcoming back others who haven’t been for a while. 

However: differences are not an issue, there is a unity. Once you mix and start learning from each other, you see that we all follow Jesus. I've learnt from all of you.

I enjoyed the social elements like a walk round the Albert Dock or a coffee before the Pentecost Celebrations enhanced the community feeling. It was great to be asked to read in the Cathedrals.

A feeling of community especially during the pandemic. It was a nice way for us to build something together on-line. It is a family.

What can we improve on?
Better time keeping

Looking ahead
The group want to keep to monthly meetings, some times via zoom sometimes face to face.

What do the church leaders think about our group?
It is on the agenda of every church leaders meeting and they are very supportive.

What are we going to do after restrictions have eased?
- Four members are far away, so could we stick to meetings: one meeting on line, one meeting in person.
- A retreat together, maybe once a year? Can we plan an interesting venue, perhaps fundraise so that everyone can be part of it.
Share the leading of the retreat and have a mixture of activity and prayer.
- Continue our visits to the various denominations
- Participate in an Eastern Rite Easter Celebration on 24th April
- A visit to Strawberry Field in Liverpool in June
- An outing to North Wales on Saturday 16th July followed by a meal together
All are welcome

There are many people who are interested in us as a community. See if people in our denominations would support us as we move forward.

Elisabeth Hachmoeller, 14/12/2020