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Civic Receptions 

A Civic Reception for Leaders of the Borough Councils and Mayors within the Merseyside Region takes place every year and is hosted by CTMR Church Leaders. It is an opportunity for Mayors and Leaders of the Council to network among themselves and with the Church Leaders. It is also used to award recognition on civic members of the Region for their contribution to Merseyside and often beyond (see 4th image).

Last year's reception took place at Archbishop's House in a marque and was a wonderful occasion for networking in a warm cordial atmosphere and for some good conversations. (see 1st three images above)

In 2020 the reception had to be cancelled because of the pandemic, but here is what one of the Civic Leaders responded to the invitation of Church Leaders to send through any prayer requests and to let Church Leaders know of anything practical that the churches could do to help, which they were not already doing.  "I think given the continuing Covid-19 crisis, that prayers for key workers, health workers, front line staff and residents across Wirral and the City Region would be most welcome. Would you also pass on my grateful thanks to the Church Leaders for their very kind offer of further help and support. ... I hope that you and Church Leaders continue to remain safe and well.  With my best wishes. Signed."