Support for Asylum Seekers Report 

Here you find past reports sent by the SAS Co-ordinator to people who have expressed the desire to be kept up-to-date about this work.

Please see below for a feedback on one of the latest newsletter:
"Thank you, for sending me a copy of the SAS Newsletter.  It is a wonderful account of so much goodness, so much generosity and compassion.  It was  truly heartening to read of the very moving contributions from long standing friends and supporters of SAS and ALM.  The work of ALM itself and the support agencies is quite amazing.  The practical and humanitarian support is incredible especially during this pandemic.  There has been no let up at all.  Your Newsletter is a wonderful way of gathering together all the good that is around us and surely it is a beautiful inspiration to aim always to do more for our neighbour in distress.
I liked that sentence:  "The pandemic has shown how interconnected we all are – that the wellbeing of each of us depends on the welfare, and safety of others. We are part of a shared ‘us’.
May your work continue to flourish and be a beacon of light to others." 

Please note that there is a gap in reporting because Chas Raws took unwell and it took a while to find Neil Cunningham our present co-ordinator. 

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