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Acting together for Racial Justice

Black Lives Matter has challenged Christians about our role and shortcomings in confronting racism. Can we now help one another in taking positive action?

Three things are needed: recognition, lament and education. That’s the conclusion of Keyboard who make connections in Bristol between black churches, and white-led churches, meeting together and meeting separately. This was shared in an online event about racial justice, hosted by Churches Together in England.

Another key insight was that white Christians should not be looking to BAME Christians to help them, and to have to relive all over again the pain of repeated microaggression that black people today are on the receiving end of.  There is already quite enough documented about the issues, and resolutions passed.  It’s now about action.

We’d love to hear from Christians in the CTMR area who are taking action or wanting to, in however small a way, in solidarity, personal contact, righting wrongs, in employment, in institutions.

CTMR could offer a space where people can meet, or share hopes, or create a reading group. Things we couldn’t do on our own become possible when we connect with others.

Maybe you’ve got a story or resource you can share with us.

Racial Justice Sunday this year is 13 February. To find out more please follow this link.
Contact: Andrew Edwards or the CTMR office

Photo credit: Hannah Currin


Elisabeth Hachmoeller, 24/12/2020