At CTE Forum 2022PHOTO-2022-03-24-15-23-13

The Churches Together England Forum was an inspirational, enriching and powerful experience for me as a young adult. Such powerful keynotes and panel discussions about Reconciliation and Hope together in our world as one in unity with Christ.
It was so lovely to meet so many other young adults from different denominations coming together to share our experience with one another. It was amazing to meet and see so many new people from different denominations and hear from them about their experience of Forum and feeling welcomed and one together. I have loved being a part of this as one together.
I really enjoyed the wonderful fellowship together, inspiring conversations and the beautiful worship hearing the love of Christ fill the room together as we sang.
Taking away in particular being one together in unity with Christ, being one church together and Its WHO we follow and not what we follow.

Rebecca Richardson (image: 2nd from the right)