Social Responsibility sharing the load

As Churches across Merseyside, we share a common commitment to proclaim and pursue our vision of God’s Kingdom, which has God’s justice at its heart. We are proud to have a long history of supporting and working alongside the most disadvantaged in our society, and speaking out and campaigning for change. This includes initiatives as diverse as the longstanding involvement of Church Leaders in the Hillsborough justice campaign, to working with refugees and asylum seekers to provide them with welcome and support.

Recent initiatives have included “The Hope Charter” through which we continue to campaign for a system of social care that provides security and dignity for everyone, and provides funding a remuneration that recognises the true value of those who work in the social care sector. To find out more please go to Hope Charter.

All of our partner denominations have their own justice campaigns, with Baptists, Methodists and URC working together nationally as the Joint Public Issues Team. Wherever possible all CTMR member Churches seek to work together to give local expression to these national initiatives. We have positive and supportive links with Political Leaders across Merseyside and regularly meet with local members of Parliament to engage in areas of mutual concern.

We encourage all Christians to be active citizens, informed and inspired by the values of our faith, and to pray regularly for all those in our Region who hold political and governance responsibility.